Friday, September 7, 2012

Teach you how to use a Autoclave

1, drain valve control knob twisted the bottom of the autoclave , usually located in front of the equipment, closed position.
2, opened the door, hot water kettle filled the bottom of this opening, it is just below the former reservoir on the lips. In most machines, which will take about a gallon of water.
3, the load material can be sterilized to the book on the shelf in the autoclave oven. Liquid in the bottle should be full, or less cover slightly relaxed. Clean dish should be installed in the top, pollution dish agar side down drunk, and instrumentation should be rolled in brown paper, and then nails to fix.
4, in the autoclave oven door closed and the pressure it is safe long-handled leash. 
5, switch, located in the middle of the exhaust at the top, most of the machine, if you are a slow discharge of water containing bactericidal materials, or to quickly exhaust the sterilization equipment.
6, the timer select the appropriate length of time for sterilization. Taiwan is a small machine for 15 minutes, the machine that contains one liter volume is 30 minutes, and large machines in 1 gallon or more size you should choose a 60-minute period. This starts the machine. 
7, until the timer and pressure indicators not only read zero, and then open the autoclave door, careful to keep your hands, arms and face away from the door of some place new and steam may catch fire.
8, using the sterile removal of disinfection, thermal stability of the gloves.

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