Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Use an Autoclave

Is a high-pressure sterilization of medical and scientific equipment of the most effective method. Although at normal pressure simply boil water to kill most microbes and spores, it will not kill them. 1 atm reactor pressure or 15 pounds per square inch, which in turn raise the boiling point of water, water. Autoclave, then heated to boiling, the boiling point of the elevated temperature, at which point it is hot enough to kill all life forms, which in 15 minutes, sterilized equipment or equipment inside the water.

Drain valve on the control knob turned, autoclave, usually at the bottom of the front of the machine, to the closed position.

Open the door autoclave and hot water added to the bottom of this opening, filling, slightly below the reservoir lip. On most machines, which will require about 1 gallon of water.
Into the autoclave should be included in a shelf in the sterilization of the material. The liquid in the bottle should be 3 / 4 or less full, slightly loosening the lid. Clean up the dish should be installed at the top, loading plates agar-side down pollution, and instruments should be in brown paper, and binding to make sure it's introduced.

Close the door autoclave and long-handled according to its safety latch.
Switching exhaust switch, located at the top of the middle of most machines, if you are instruments of sterilization material, contains water, slow or quick exhaust exhaust
Twist the timer, select the appropriate length of time to disinfect. For small quantities of the machine, which is 15 minutes, the volume contains more than 1 liter, which is 30 minutes, 1 gallon or larger machines, you should choose a 60-minute cycle of the machine. This will start the machine.
Wait until the timer reads zero and the pressure indicator at the same time, and then open the door, pay attention to keep your hands, arms and face emerging from the doors of the upper part of the steam may burn you.

With sterile, heat-resistant gloves, remove the sterilized items. Any pollution into the melted agar, into the biohazard container immediately, then rinse with hot water glass.
Autoclave drain valve control torque to the open position empty water.

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