Monday, September 17, 2012

Structural analysis of autoclave

Hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid scientific name (Hyaluronic acid, referred to as HA) or said uronic acid, the disaccharide units (grape acid-N-B sulfur glucosamine) polymer composed of straight-chain polysaccharide, is an organization a naturally occurring substance. Widely exist in nature vertebrate connective tissue, mucous tissue, the eye's lens and the film clip of some bacteria, in the dermis of human skin plays an important role in the matrix, whether the overall organizational structure of the maintenance or is transported between cells have a very important function.

Autoclave-way sensing system monitors the air exclusion states: In order to avoid residual air affect the results of sterilization, the instrument sterilizer using two sensors to detect whether there is residual air.

Auto exhaust: using the latest device to automatically exclude the steam can reach without boiling for sterilization of liquid matrix; in the sterilization is completed, you can pre-set rate gradually release the steam.Autoclave is higher than atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water up to temperatures above 100, and equipment sterilization of liquid or a pressure vessel.Autoclave electric lock system: just touch the controller can be easily and safely open the lid.Safety interlock device two-way test: by detecting pressure and temperature inside to lock the cover, ensure greater security when.

Agar approach: allows users to dramatically speed up the melting of more agar or inside to warm up.A variety of optional accessories: a variety of related accessories for the purchase (such as hanging baskets SUS sterilization, drug waste basket).Process status display: a set of flash sterilization process indicates the current variety of conditions.Autoclave function extension option: a buoy sensors, digital printers, automatic water supply unit and cooling unit.Automatic layout start the program: Built-in timer can be set for some time procedures, in order to automatically start a autoclave sterilization cycle (can be maintained up to one week). Bicarbonate hemodialysis memory (storage) support system: You can change various parameters (such as sterilization, exhaust, heating and other parameters), and in the event of change (or even a power failure) of these parameters can still be retained.Space-saving design: open the lid vertically upwards to save space.

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